Want the 7 best secrets to secure the talent you need?

housing for companies & authorities

The challenge for any company with ambitions or massive growth as yours is finding the best talent and get them to sign with you, and not the competition. 

It is no longer a question about the salary; the normal, boring benefits, or even how cool your office space is. In this day and age, it is more about how to make sure they can start as soon as possible, and make the move as easy as possible. Stockholm has a housing problem and finding the best apartment or housing is a challenge. That’s something we have taken to heart, and something we offer to companies like yours. 

We offer flexible and modern apartments, fully furnished and with added solutions to make the transition and choice to onboard with your company an easy choice. Our apartments are centrally located, always close to a metro station, and they also can include extras such as car-pool services, food delivery, dry cleaning, house cleaning and more. It’s all about what you want to offer, to secure the best of the best. 

With our block rental solutions you have complete flexibility, and access to anything from 3 apartements to as many as you need for your talents. Another upside is the social context with our solution, where several of your employees can live in the same building, which means they will socialize and adapt faster.  In addition you can offer them minimum 1-year access or three – totally up to you!

The 7 benefits of signing a block rental contract with us:

Time to take action

Add your name, and make sure you are on top of our list when we release current and future apartment projects. In addition, we will send you a One Pager with solid arguments as to why you should have company apartment solutions instead of the more costly, less friendly and not a sustainable long-term solution of using hotels.